Body Image – It’s Better Here

Body Image – It’s Better Here

There is nothing like a day at the beach, surrounded by beautiful women – young and old – to make one feel the teensiest bit insecure about this old post covid body. (Sorry guys – no photos today – left the cell phone at home for security purposes.).

But surprisingly, I don’t think the Italians see women’s bodies exactly the same way. There are mammas and nonnas in all their glory – enjoying the sun and the sea in their two pieces no less, seemingly without a care in the world for who (much less that they) might think they look “fat”! I love this and I am trying to embrace it for myself. Maybe in another glass of Vermentino (and maybe a little limoncello) I might actually achieve this particular form of nirvana.

Other thoughts today include that there are more mosquitoes here than at home – my bites are turning ugly – but that may be because the food here is better. That is my funny for the day.

We are waiting for Lorenza and her husband, Franco, to join us for happy hour. She sat and chatted with us this morning and we had a great conversation with much word searching and smiling (I have google translate at the ready for later), and she confessed that she watches Love it or List it Vancouver!! (“Take it or give it”). Reality t.v. – bringing us all together.

Tomorrow we head back to Florence for two nights before picking up a car and heading deep into Chianti country. There we will also be revisiting a bunch of places (aka restaurants) that we have loved before, but after that we are heading into territory unknown called Apulia – the heel of the boot. It is a compact area and won’t require a tremendous amount of driving, but oh the sights we’ll see. So stay tuned for that. Less food porn (maybe) and many things I guarantee that some of you have never seen before. So exciting!

Oh boy – here comes happy hour!

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