Cuteness Overload in Paris

Cuteness Overload in Paris

I will just start with public service announcement – direct flights are the way to go!! I don’t know how many hours of my life I can’t get back that have been spent hurrying up and waiting in airports on this trip. Again, we spent all day getting from Bari to Paris due not only to a transfer in Milan, but also a delayed flight. And – as David said back in 2007 – EasyJet is not easy. But! We are here now, and check out our little hotel:

Hotel Chopin, Paris
It is inside the Passages Jouffroy
View from our window – room 403

The Passages du Jouffroy is one of the glass covered shopping lanes that I guess were an early incarnation of the modern day mall, keeping shoppers dry. They are quite beautiful and our hotel is located in a corner of one of them. There are book and art stores in here, a couple of antiques stores and all sorts of odds and sods, including a vintage clothing store that sells by the kg! There is also a small grocery store and Don has already assessed the wine selection.

Cafe Zephyr

Found this little cafe in the passages and decided to have a nice dinner close by, head to the sack for an early night, and get cracking on Paris bright and early tomorrow morning. This meal was an amazing change from our recent pasta diet – and very welcome! Hello meat and potatoes!! Au gratin no less.

Double yum and yum. With our tummies full and our energy level depleted, we are in our cozy little room, settling in for three full days in Paris. Paris!!!!!

One response to “Cuteness Overload in Paris”

  1. What a cute mall and even better close to the cutest Hotel.
    Have fun window shopping or buy a unique Christmas ornament ( oh maybe it’s early for that )
    Looks fun!! Enjoy Paris.
    Can’t believe you will be home soon. Don and you suit Italy.


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