Last Day in Paris

Last Day in Paris

I just glanced to my right and realized that all the wine is gone and I don’t have anything to sip on while writing my last travel blog for this trip. Waaaaaa . . .

There have been several indicators today that our lovely trip is winding down. The first one is that I now have a lousy cold. Not covid (tested negative yesterday and today), but shitty nonetheless. I could still taste my entrecote for dinner – even the rubbery part. So that is the second one – that we are ready for some home cooked meals. Thirdly, Don finished his third book and is now down to watching a bad game show in French (our first t.v. in a month). Which he doesn’t speak. Fourthly, I am down to a few drops of contact lens solution. And fifthly, which was also firstly, we are out of wine.

Even with a cold, you can’t stay in a postage sized room all day, so we headed back to the Galeries Lafayette to see if there were any shoes I had to have. I parked Don back up on the rooftop terrace and promised I would be back in one hour.

I was looking at the ankle boots. Three quarters of the shoe department is name brand (think Jimmy Choo and Prada). Luckily for me, they were pretty ugly. Though when I was sitting in the cheap section, a guy came in the door and asked the salesman where the Prada shoes were. The salesman asked if he wanted men’s and the guy said, “no, ladies”. The salesman and I simultaneously pointed him in the right direction. I guess she had sent him in with her expensive shoe order.

So anyway – Yes – I did get some shoes. But I don’t have a photo yet, so that may be part of my last blog. They are waterproof and have big rubber soles (which are very “in” over here, so coming soon to North Vancouver no doubt).

Other than that, we walked a bit, packed a bit (one of us did, while the other finished his book), shopped a bit, had a nap and then went for that chewy steak dinner across the street.

Now we are hitting the sack early because tomorrow is another one of those travel days that we are getting too old for. See you all on the other side of the Atlantic! xx j&d

One response to “Last Day in Paris”

  1. Ahh sad it’s coming to an end 😢.
    I thought you would buy that funky pair of ankle boot that has pink on it !! Haha.
    I guess it comes a time where you just want to come home and have your own bed 🛌.
    I will save you a bottle of wine 🍷 for when you get back.
    Safe travels
    Lots of love
    xoxoxoxo ❤️


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