There’s No Place Like Home . . .

There’s No Place Like Home . . .

No matter how wonderful the trip, no matter how amazing the adventures and no matter how much we love being alone together in the warmth of Italy, there really is no feeling like coming home to a wonderfully clean house, still living houseplants, a fading but still beautiful garden, and a home cooked meal with our own family. For the travel and the home – we are truly grateful.

Since we had determined to do only carry on for this trip, we really didn’t buy too much in the way of souvenirs. Some small things for the kids and two mini Christmas ornaments. Plus a purse (the smallest purse in the Florence Leather Market that would still hold my new phone) and these shoes from Paris.

They are not leather (though they look it) and are completely waterproof. And oh so comfortable. These clunky soles are all the rage in Paris – most even chunkier than these. We even saw one young gal sporting what looked to be snowboard boots.

Oh, and I also brought home a wicked cold. Though I tested three days in a row, including travel day, and the results were all negative for Covid. I wore my mask as much as possible, especially during the gravelly coughing jags. Anyway – not a big deal – I am home now and can take to my bed with a good book!

So that’s all for now folks – thank you for coming along on this wonderful trip with us while we dipped our toes in the travel waters again after a three year hiatus.

Until next time, when maybe we can go together . . .

Jan and Don

2 responses to “There’s No Place Like Home . . .”

  1. Welcome back !!! Home sweet home ❤️
    Love the boots.
    Hope you feel better soon I imagine it will take about a week to get back to normal again.

    Thank you for virtually taking me along on your wonderful adventure. I enjoyed every minute of it.
    Lots of love 💕


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