Lucky Us – A Wedding in Japan!!

Lucky Us – A Wedding in Japan!!

Our current adventure has been over three years in the making, was off as many times as it was on, and is finally coming to pass tomorrow!

We arrived in Japan a couple of days ago and though there were many checks of our digital information, finger prints, photos, and even JR train tickets bought at a machine, Don, I, Cam and Jenn were finally met at the station by our friendly Canadian tour guide and his beautiful bride to be (for the second time), Ayami. And not a minute too soon – as we had to find the right train and – just as importantly (and seemingly impossible) – get off at the right stop.

Tokyo here we come!

After an hour or so on a train through the lovely countryside we arrived in Tokyo’s Asakusa area and made our way to the hotel, which is very close to the Senso-Ji Temple and surrounding pedestrian zone, filled with tiny shops, street food of all kinds, and every sort of sign – many open to interpretation.

Nose noodles anyone?

I couldn’t wait to dump all that luggage and get back to take more photos.

But first – we eat! Do it yourself bbq and all you can drink from the hard lemonade spigot at your table for $20 each!
Here are the options – thank goodness Ayami took charge!
This is the view from our room

After managing to stay awake until 9pm local time, Don and I crashed in our room with a view. Woke up in time for the sunrise over beautiful Tokyo.

As concerned as we were for coming to the biggest city in the world, in a place where only one of us has only a couple of words of the local language, and where we had both envisioned total chaos, noise and confusion, we have been completely surprised in all categories. The area we are staying in is called Asakusa, and was chosen because this is where the wedding and reception are being held. We (wisely, if I do say so myself) chose to stay at the same hotel as the events, and it is very nice, in a great location, has an amazing view of the city, and is so quiet you would think you are in the countryside. Not to mention that it is big enough for the whole gang to congregate and have a beer, and will be the bride’s room tomorrow for the change of attire. Other than that it costs $34 each to use the pool and $18 to enter the top floor bar (which has the same view as the free viewing lounge), we are very happy with the Asakusa View Hotel.

Since Ayami’s parents’ home is about a half hour bus ride away, Don and I struck out to find breakfast for our very own little selves. David said to try the Denny’s which is close by and since we were pretty hungry (who knows what time our stomachs thought it was), we entered and were directed to a seat and handed a tablet screen. Unfortunately I have not learned the phrase “I need help!” yet. However, the people here so far have been friendly and helpful and the lady with the doll voice came over and helped us after we pointed to the photo of the breakfast we wanted. Definitely not the same as the Denny’s at home with an encyclopedia of different things and huge portions, but these are probably the portions we should be eating.

After that, we just wandered towards the Senso-Ji shrine and the photographer in me was very happy.

The people are as interesting as the sights

We met up at our hotel and then went to lunch at a sushi carousel place. Though you have to figure out how to order on a screen, when it arrives, it plays a little music and gets off the carousel at your table. Ayami was busy with wedding stuff, so we had to figure it out ourselves.

We discovered that we are close to the famous Kappa Bashi district which is famous for kitchenware and plastic food samples, so of course, we headed there after lunch to check it out.

So that’s about it for days 1 and 2. The kids are here to take us to meet the in-laws, so I will have to write about today’s adventures in my next blog.

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  1. Excellent photos Jan! I can imagine your joy in photographing the sights of Japan but more importantly the wedding that will finally happen! 🥰


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