Jan and Don Ride the Bus

Jan and Don Ride the Bus

So today was a shopping day for Don and me because the kids all went to Osaka to attend the Sumo Festival. We walked one way (straight shot) but were determined to brave the bus system for the journey home.

Don was very patient while I walked through all the little shops . He was rewarded periodically with street food skewers and ice cream for along the way.

Apparently I am an angel, not a geisha . . .

This next gallery of photos is from the Gion area. Everything is closed up tight during the day here, so it probably looks even more amazing at night.

I found one little artisan watchmaker shop that was open and chose a watch with a sakura face and custom band made for me while I waited. I love it!!

These are the rest of the photos, taken as we did a four square tour of the shopping streets in Higashiyama.

Don’s mask continues to be a source of great hilarity – this guy asked if he could take a photo with Don.

So that’s about it for photos from yesterday. The bus journey went really well, we found our stop, waited for the No. 12, got seats (a rarity), enlightened another couple about how you pay on the way out, not on the way in, and got off at the right stop! Yippee!! Feeling quite proud of ourselves, I must say.

The kids had a blast at the sumo festival – cheering for certain wrestlers and even coming home with a trading card of their favourite guy. Here is a short video and a few of their photos:

Tomorrow morning we split into two groups, with Cam and Jenn heading out on their own to Himeji and Hiroshima, and the rest of us renting a car for a trip to an onsen (hot springs) town, Kobe, and Nara National Park. We will meet up for the last night at a dinosaur hotel in Haneda before heading back home on Sunday. What a trip this has been and the adventure isn’t over!

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