And Now For Something Completely Different

And Now For Something Completely Different

Our second to last stop was a two night stay right in the middle of Nara National Park. We are staying in a (very) budget friendly hostel/hotel called The Deer Inn. It is very cute – in a hostely sort of way – and there are deer everywhere. Hence the name.

David figured out how to make the deer bow.

That last photo shows the communal kitchen, stocked with “emergency” ramen.

These are the communal washrooms – complete with toilet shoes. If you see them there, you know no one is in the toilet. You change your slippers for toilet shoes to go in.

Well, that’s me told.

While Ayami took a very well deserved nap, the rest of us went to check out the largest bronze Buddha in Japan. It did not disappoint.

Due to covid, you are no longer allowed to kiss any of this guy’s body parts for healing prayers. Whew.

Did I mention there are deer everywhere? You can buy special deer crackers to feed them and they an be very persuasive if they know you have them.

After dinner we walked to the temple where the light the lanterns at night.

This morning David and Ayami left bright and early to join Cam and Jenn at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka. That left Don and me to our own devices. We had a list of the shrines and temples in Nara, as well as a walk in the older area of town, and a place in mind for lunch. Don took his turn at asking the deer to bow, but he pretty much did all the bowing.

There are a lot of temples and shrines – but this next one had a special room with flickering lanterns that was pretty amazing.

These amazing trees are all around.

With all the templing, it was time for a snack. I had read about the hand pounded strawberry mochis here, so had to try one. Don chose a cracker thing instead.

PS – the mochi was delicious!!

So, we are templed and shrined out pretty much. Ready to get back on the bullet train tomorrow and stay our last night near Haneda Airport. It has been a wonderful trip, full of special moments, lots of laughs, a few puzzlements, and a new-found confidence that anything is possible, even if you don’t speak or read the language.

But after a couple nights in this cute hostel, Castle Currie is looking pretty damn fine . . .

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  1. As usual, I am transported there with your beautiful photos! I love the lantern toom! That’s mesmerizing! I think I could stand there for an hour! Happy travels, my fellow adventurers!


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